How Your HR Analytics Solution Can Make Your Team Data Champions!

How Your HR Analytics Solution Can Make Your Team Data Champions!


Many organisations are moving towards strategic HR Analytics. When choosing a solution there are a number of factors to consider. One of the most important things an organisation should think about are those who will be using this solution, and in what way. For any new piece of software to be adopted into an organisation, HR professionals and HR data consumers need to feel confident in their ability to use it. Empower your users from the first step and see the benefits from the get-go.



Any fit-for-purpose reporting and analytics solution needs to offer the ability to share and distribute data outputs easily and securely. And it needs to do it on a single integrated platform – you don’t want to be trying to figure out what tool to log onto to distribute a payroll listing vs. a HR headcount trend analysis. When picking a solution you need to be sure that it will allow users to ask questions of your data. Deep-diving into data is key to moving along the data analytics journey.



Some other factors you may not have considered that are also important when looking for an HR Analytics solution are support, training and security. Your users need to know they’ll be given every opportunity to learn and develop their skills over time.



We tailor our solution to meet the needs of all those involved in the process. From the Data creators who interact with the data to generate new reports or dashboards, and those who take those outputs to drive the HR strategy for the whole organisation.



With all that in mind let’s dive in and see how the MakoData solution can meet your requirements and make the whole HR team feel like Data Champions!



Here are some top ways our HR analytics solution makes creating HR outputs a seamless process;



When you’re interacting with HR Data on a day to day basis you should not have to manually enter custom calculations for each request, or wait for something to break before contacting support. At MakoData we know the importance of both speed & support – Read on to find out how we incorporate these, as standard, to all our customers.



Access the data they need, when they need it. Nobody wants to spend time waiting for the most recent data or even working with out-of-date data. MakoData offers flexible rollout options for dashboards and reports so users can access the data when they choose! Arming the business with the information they need, before they know that they even need it, can help to elevate your HR data efforts beyond the traditional reactive reporting.


Speed is critical here! To successfully drive the adoption of reports and analytics, you need to be sure that data will come back in a matter of seconds. Users will not adopt a solution if they have to wait minutes for a report to render. MakoData reports and analytics will never take more than a few seconds to run, no matter how much data you throw at it.


Keep your security a priority. You need to think of the levels of security for your users. Is your current model fit for purpose? With the right level of access, users will engage with the correct content! Never fear the wrong information being available to the wrong department, users will only see the data they have access to.


Prebuilt Metrics & Custom Categorisation are all included in your MakoData subscription. Gone are the days spending time manually entering calculations and manipulating data. We have the things that are important to you, ready to be used with a simple drag and drop. All the metrics & calculations are built to your organisation’s view of the world, so can be sure they reflect your organisation fully.


–  Building interactivity into your HR reports and dashboards, allowing users to get more detail as they need it through simple clicks, hovers and drills and without the need to open and run separate reports. Go from high-level views to the correct listings and back again with seamless interactivity.


–  “How to” Support: At MakoData we provide dedicated Support Services to our customers with tailored Service Level Agreements to meet your business needs. We realise that you will need help on your HR  journey, especially with data diving. From guaranteed response times to a Data Discovery knowledge base, we provide it. Our experts are always at hand to help your team!




How can MakoData empower your HR Data Consumers to view the data in a new way?



MakoData is the HR Analytics solution to empower your users to ask questions of the data and gain valuable insights. Our software is designed for ease of use and unrivalled speed. Let’s take a look and see how we can make your HR Data consumers feel confident in their ability to drive a HR Data focused strategy for the whole organisation!



Timely data outputs. Have the analysis they require drop into their email inbox on a schedule that suits. Or better still, built-in triggers can ensure they are only notified when a defined event occurs or a threshold is about to be breached.


o  For example, Managers and Senior Executives can be notified when the absence rate for their area is about to reach a certain percentage threshold. The notification can include the relevant details in PDF or Excel formats, but can also include a link that directs them straight to their interactive dashboard and further drill down operational reports.


– Out of the box ready to go analytics. With just a few clicks your team can access the data they need. Our visual dashboards give you a helicopter view of what’s going on within your organisation. Once you sign up to MakoData it’s only a matter of days before you can start with our standard analytics.


– Viz in Tooltip: By simply hovering on a piece of data (text or visual) a user can be presented with a pop-out that shows more detail, be that in a tabular or visual format as required.


– Enhanced Filtering and Parameters: MakoData provides a variety of filtering options for your reports and dashboards. From simple dropdown selections for key data items to relative time filters (e.g. show me last rolling 2 years) and right-click, options for excluding/including data users will have easy ways of defining their own views of the data.


– Intuitive Drill Downs: Built-in drill paths that will allow users to drill down to required levels of detail with simple clicks. This includes the ability to drill down through your org structure, drill through dates, and even create custom drills to meet specific business or process needs.


– Guided Navigation: Guide your users through the data using plain English guidance instructions. For example, your net pay comparison report could include a selection of clickable plain English options such as ‘Show me the People with a variance this month’ or ‘Show me the variance broken out by individual pay code’.



To Conclude



Using MakoData, your team will be able to cater for all your HR & Payroll needs using a suite of intuitive dashboards and reports that will allow users to easily get to more detail as needed.



Give your users the skills they need to interact with the data, ask questions of the data, and ultimately use the data for strategic decision making – from those creating reports and analytics, to the key decision-makers consuming them. Our solution will empower all involved to maximise their data skills and insights.



Choosing the solution that is right for your users is key to the success of your HR Analytics strategy. Remember, as each department gets more familiar with their content, data-driven actions will be next. Here at MakoData we are happy to discuss your needs and how our solution can benefit you.



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