5 Top tips when choosing a HR Analytics solution

5 Top tips when choosing a HR Analytics solution

How to choose the HR Analytics solution that’s right for your organisation.





When facing into choosing a provider for your HR analytics there are a few things you need to be aware of. The temptation could be to directly replace the style of reports that you already have.


Your HR and Payroll reports are critical for your organisation, why put effort into only replacing them? By choosing the right solution for the right reasons you can deliver more value for the same (or even less) effort!




Let’s take a look at 5 tips to ensure you pick the right HR Analytics solution!



Tip One –Think Visual


Consider how you want your HR outputs to be perceived by other parts of the business. You may be sharing only listings of data. Take the opportunity to think about how you would like your HR data to be presented outside of the department. Think visual, easy to understand analytics!


People can absorb information from visuals much more than data listings. If you want to make it easy to spot trends and identify outliers, visual is the way forward.



Tip Two – Cater For Future Needs


You need to be sure that your chosen solution meets not only the existing reporting needs but instead will cater to all of your needs now and into the future. You want a single solution that will deliver on all tactical, operational and strategic HR data needs. By including future needs, you can essentially future proof your HR data analytics.



Tip Three – Know The Level Of Support On Offer


You need to know the level of service and support on offer. Will this deliver what you need and continue to do so beyond the initial project? Excellent support is fundamental to the success of an analytics solution.


Your users typically will not be technical, they will learn and build a reasonable proficiency in the solution you choose. But they will always need help as new requirements arise. And most data requests can’t wait days for an answer. Make support a priority in your search for the right tool.



Tip Four – Consider External Data


Think about external data integration – it may not be on your radar right now, but it’s worth asking yourself what data you’re having to manually merge in Excel or what data would you love to sit beside your HR data?


MakoData will allow you to easily integrate external data sets – and again we do it with a service level to support you. We know HR intertwines with a lot of other organisational data. With MakoData you can bring them together for a big picture view of the organisation.



Tip Five – Gain A Skillset


Consider the skills your users could build if you choose a modern and recognised solution. Your users will be energised and motivated if they learn a valuable skillset that is recognised and fun to use. Make HR a leader for data analytics in your organisation




To Conclude


Your HR Data Analytics are key to making impactful decisions that will benefit the whole organisation. With MakoData there is so much more than our out-of-the-box solution. We offer “how-to” support so you can contact us with any questions you may have, even after the project has ended.

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