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From hire to retire, our intelligent solutions span all areas of your HR data lifecycle. We also plug into data held outside your HR system to give you the full picture. Automate your analytics and see what you can achieve with MakoData AI.

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HR Insight

Unearth key insights in your data to effect HR and business strategy. Easily present findings using visuals designed for executive review. Measure performance vs. sectoral and industry norms.

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Time & Absence Management

Manage your key Time and Absence metrics with our comprehensive suite of metrics and visualisations. Plan for future absence with our intuitive MakoData AI capabilities. We will get you above the trees to look down at your trends and insights into your time and absence data.

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Talent & Recruitment

Keep informed of recruitment effectiveness, bottle neck areas, time to hire and onboard. View the likelihood of recruitment success and compare results of recruitment initiatives, advertising types and agencies used. Monitor internal hire rates for key positions. See your key talent metrics at an organisations level.

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Learning & Development

Monitor training spend, delivery and effectiveness across the business. Understand how non-attendance and failure rates impact on costs. Ensure compliance with mandatory training requirements.

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Financial Budgeting

Manage payroll and expense trends, both in the past and into the future. MakoData provides an ‘Out of The Box’ forecasting module that provides forecasts of Payroll and HR metrics. Predict payroll costs for this year and future years with in-built models catering for increments, retirements and vacancies.

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External Data

Bring in external data to close the loop on HR data analysis. Examples of external data for inclusion are sales, productivity, financial and performance data.

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Key Benefits

Mako Benefits Forecasting


In-built forecasting tools to predict into the future.

Mako Benefits Support


Dedicated HR Analytics support. This is all we do.

Mako Benefits Complex HR Metrics

Complex HR Metrics

Complex HR Metrics made easy with our 'Out of the Box' HR layer.

Mako Benefits Performance


Super fast performance. This promotes the asking of the 'Next Question'.

Mako Benefits Cross Modular

Cross Modular

Blend data from all areas of your HR system to give a 360 degree view.

Mako Benefits Connect to External Data

Connect to External Data

Bring in external data to close the loop on HR data analysis.

Mako Benefits Visuals


Gold standard visuals to help you see, understand and present your data.

Mako Benefits Collaborate


Share your information across the organisation to empower the business.

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