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Facing into an Oracle Discoverer migration and wondering how to approach it?
MakoData will help you every step of the way with our proven Oracle Discoverer migration methodology.

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In early 2020, Access People (previously CoreHR) advised their customers of the impending end of life of the Oracle Discoverer reporting tool. It has been a great servant for many years for many organisations. Because of its popularity, many customers have a big estate of Discoverer reports that are a critical part of the HR/Payroll processes. For most of that time, it has been the engine behind the CoreBI reporting solution, and for most organisations, it remains an integral part of their HR and payroll reporting processes.

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Discoverer (A Great Servant)

While not as feature-rich or scalable as a lot of other solutions on the market, Oracle Discoverer has more than served the purpose for many non-technical users given its wizard driven and intuitive interface, and the relative ease with which reporting data layers or “business areas” could be put together. The result is that many organisations have Oracle Discoverer estates in the hundreds or even thousands of reports, and often these support critical Payroll and HR processes.


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Discoverer End Of life

But analytics and reporting solutions have moved on, and Oracle Discoverer has long been inching towards end of life. As early as 2009 Oracle were advising customers that they should move away from the platform, and in 2017 they announced Oracle Discoverer end of life. Most recently, and most pertinently, Access People have announced that their Customers who are using Oracle Discoverer for reporting needs will need to migrate their reports off Oracle Discoverer in the short term.

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Your Discoverer Estate

Despite this many organisations still use and maintain large estates of Oracle Discoverer reports, and even continue to use it to cater for new report requirements. And that’s completely understandable – after all, it is a potentially daunting undertaking to source a new solution and migrate potentially hundreds or even thousands of reports.

And many of these reports within Access People are a key part of:

– Payroll/Pension validation

– Finance reporting

– HR process management

– Mandatory returns and management reporting

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PeopleXD Analytics powered by MakoData

But it doesn’t need to be daunting at all – not with our PeopleXD Analytics powered by MakoData.

Not only do we have a proven HR and payroll reporting and analytics solution, powered by one of the world’s leading analytics tools Tableau, we also have a tried and tested process for migrating all of your Oracle Discoverer HR and payroll reports quickly and painlessly. We have helped dozens of organisations deliver a successful Oracle Discoverer migration.

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