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Migrate To PeopleXD Analytics

At MakoData, we have a solution that will manage your migration end to end. We have the expertise on the Oracle Discoverer product, and the PeopleXD data logic. This means that we can help you to effectively manage all aspects of the migration process. The PeopleXD Analytics solution powered by MakoData will cater to all of your reporting needs, including every data field that is required. This includes operational, tactical and strategic reporting.


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Our Guarantees On Migration

With our solution, we guarantee that:

  • All of your existing reports are migrated as part of the migration.
  • No loss of functionality.
  • No loss of access to data – All data fields will be available.
  • Control checking and handover on every report migrated.
  • Support on both systems until the business users are ready to sign off.
  • Fixed cost migration.
  • We speak your language.


Thanks to PeopleXD Analytics being powered by MakoData, we have the expertise available to make your migration a success.

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MakoData Quote

At the University of Liverpool, we wanted to migrate from Oracle Discoverer to a world-leading analytics tool. We engaged with MakoData on their solution. Not only did they make the process painless, we also ended up with one tool that managed our operational, complex and strategic reporting. This allowed us to concentrate on one skill set.’

Christian Keegan

HR Systems & Management Information Manager, University of Liverpool

Our Experience

We’ve spent the past twenty years working on some of the largest Access People projects in Ireland and the UK and we understand the importance of reporting and its key role in ensuring Payroll and HR data compliance and validation. PeopleXD Analytics bring together the power of Access People with the state-of-the-art MakoData Analytics solution. Providing organisations with all the tools they need for a full 360° view of their HR & Payroll Data. Servicing Organisation’s Strategic, Operational, and Deep Need reporting. We understand that business users have built up a suite of Oracle Discoverer reports that are integral to how they work. That is why we have developed a methodology to make the process as seamless as possible, ensuring that the business users get exactly what they need and when they need it.

Our Value Add

At MakoData we believe passionately that organisations should be able to get great value from their HR data. We also believe that supporting our customers on their HR analytics journey is as important as the solutions we deliver.

On top of delivering all of your existing reports to ensure continuity, the PeopleXD Analytics solution powered by MakoData will enable your users to add significant value to your HR data production. Powered by Tableau, one of the worlds leading Data Analytics tool (Gartner), our ‘Out of the Box’ solution delivers key industry-standard HR metrics and the ability to provide powerful visuals and analytics.

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What We Deliver As Standard

Some of the value-added elements that are included in our standard solution include:

  • Turn your reports into powerful visuals where appropriate
  • Empower your users to access the data and insights they need when they need it
  • Deliver enhanced interactivity to provide a world-class user experience (empower users to answer their own questions)
  • Drive pro-active analysis through automated event-driven alerts and scheduled outputs
  • MakoData does not just meet the migration need…we deliver a solution and associated service that is future-proofed and proven best in class
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Why We Are Different

We are different because we:

  • Manage the process from end to end ensuring a successful migration.
  • Configure the system for your needs – one size doesn’t fit all – we focus on your desired business outcomes and structures.
  • Travel the whole journey with you. We don’t install software and leave. We engage at every step to ensure that you get the maximum value from your investment. In fact, our support includes ‘How To’ support. This means that if you have a data need today, you ring us, we help you get there. This is invaluable for you on your HR Analytics journey.
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More Differentiators

  • Help you integrate non-HR data (e.g. Sales, Productivity) and other HR data held outside the Access People XD platform. This helps you get the full picture or your organisation-wide HR and related data
  • Deliver ‘out of the box’ key HR metrics and visualisations
  • Provide a data layer to meet your future and ongoing needs.
  • Provide a one-stop tool to meet:
    • Operational needs
    • Legislative needs (e.g. Pension returns)
    • Bespoke needs
    • Complex needs
    • Strategic needs
    • Shared service reporting needs
    • External data integration needs
    • Ongoing service


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Immediate Access To Key Metrics

At MakoData we give you immediate access to all your key HR metrics to enable you to proactively manage your key resources, your people.


Within a few short days of contracting MakoData, we will make available your key HR metrics that are important to your business and what is relevant in your business. We will provide these in a format that is easy to understand, interpret and drill-down. This will allow your business to unearth key insights into your data to affect HR and business strategy.

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