The Migration Process

The Migration Process

At MakoData we have a proven and successful Discoverer Migration methodology. We have 60+ years of Oracle Discoverer experience and have completed many Oracle Discoverer migrations. To ensure a successful migration, we have a number of pre-defined steps.

Prepare | Discovery

At this stage of the project, MakoData will provide a full assessment of the size of the Oracle Discoverer estate in your organisation. We will provide full details on:


  • How many Oracle Discoverer reports are in use.
  • How often they are run.
  • Who runs the reports.
  • Who has access to the reports and what security is required.
  • What folders/fields are accessed by the reports.
  • What are the ‘most used’ reports.
  • Levels of complexity of the reports.
  • Any bespoke/customer-specific data sets that are in use.
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Your Assessment

MakoData then provides the Customer with a formal assessment on all of the relevant stats as they apply to your existing Oracle Discoverer estate. This stage takes approximately 2-3 days to complete at which point we will provide a full proposal for the following stages and operating models.

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Prepare | Design

Once the Oracle Discoverer estate is known, we then engage with the Customer to:

  • Confirm what reports are needed to be kept
  • Agree the reports to be decommissioned and not migrated
  • Review reports to rationalise into fewer reports with more interactivity if possible
  • MakoData provide migration path information on required reports (target folders, fields, approach, visualisation recommendations, security)
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Flexible Operating Models

Once the size of the estate is known, we are in then in a position to agree the Migration Operating Model. The options are:

Operating Model A

Customer receive training from MakoData and take ownership of migrating the Oracle Discoverer reports themselves.

Operating Model B

MakoData migrate all exiting Oracle Discoverer reports with minimal involvement from the Customer.

Operating Model C

A hybrid of Operating Model A and B, whereby the Customer migrate some of the reports and engage MakoData to migrate the rest.

MakoData will advise on the best Operating model for the Customer taking into account resources, timescales, complexity and budget.

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Sprint | Migrate & Test

Depending on the size of the Oracle Discoverer estate, MakoData structure the project in a number of agile sprints to allow the business users time to test and sign off the reports. Priorities and groupings are agreed with the Customer. We will then:

  • Migrate the Oracle Discoverer reports to the MakoData solution
  • Validate and control check outputs from MakoData vs. Oracle Discoverer
  • Apply relevant permissions and security (agreed with the Customer)
  • Roll out to relevant consumers for testing and sign off.
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Once the business users are happy with the migrated reports, and all validation checks are complete the reports will be signed off and move to live running.

The system is also now ready for data discovery, data visualisation and ongoing data request production.

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