Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

What is Gender Pay Gap Reporting?


The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 was enacted and signed into law by the President on July 13th 2021. The Act will give rise to new regulations requiring employers to publish information relating to the remuneration of their employees and highlighting any differences in remuneration based on gender.


The regulations will apply to all public and private sector organisations in Ireland with 250 or more employees, extending to organisations with 150 or more employees within 2 years, and all organisations with 50 or more employees 1 year later.



MakoData Gender Pay Gap Reporting in Ireland solution

Gender Pay Gap in Ireland Reporting Dashboard showing all data to be returned with narrative
Gender Pay Gap Dashboard showing key metrics, data trended over time, comparatives and narrative on data to be returned.



What Information will we need to return?


Organisations will be required to report and publish the pay gap between male and female employees using a variety of metrics, including:


  • The mean and median hourly wage gap, the former reflecting the entire pay range in an organisation and the latter excluding the impact of unusually high earners.
  • The proportions of male and female employees in the lower, lower-middle, upper-middle and upper-quartile pay bands.
  • The mean and median pay gaps for part-time employees and for employees on temporary contracts.
  • Data on bonus pay.
  • Benefits in Kind (referenced in Legislation).


In addition to publishing these metrics, organisations will also be required to provide a statement setting out, in the employer’s opinion, the reasons for any differences in male and female remuneration, along with the details of any measures the employer is undertaking to eliminate or reduce such differences.


When will we need to do this?


It has been confirmed that Employers will need to choose a ‘snapshot’ date and report on the gender pay gap in 2022.


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Where does the information get returned to?


Exact details on reporting and publishing will be released in the coming weeks. However, employers will be required to return the information in a specified format to a designated public sector body. Furthermore, it is expected that the information will also need to be published on an employer’s own website.



MakoData Hourly Pay Analysis

MakoData Gender Pay gap reporting, hourly pay analysis sheet
Hourly Pay Analysis Sheet. Hourly pay compared by gender across organisational and person attributes.



Can MakoData help us to get ready?



Your organisation can start preparing now to ensure you are ready for compliance when the time comes.  MakoData has been helping UK customers with their Gender Pay Gap needs for years, and we have a solution that delivers:



  • Easy configuration for key reporting inputs e.g. employees to be included/excluded, inclusion of relevant pay codes/elements etc.
  • Automated production of the required metrics to meet the legislative return
  • Validation tools to allow checking of relevant pay values at an individual employee level where required
  • A suite of dashboards and analytics to support the process of managing and impacting the gender pay gap in your organisation:
    • Trending key metrics over time to track ongoing performance
    • Highlighting areas, groups, categories etc which are contributing most significantly to the gender pay gap in your organisation
    • Identify areas of your organisation which are doing best/worst, and understand why they are different



Gender pay gap in Ireland. MakoData Checking Sheet
Full suite of Checking and Validation Sheet to allow for a granular view of data and metrics to be returned.


Find out more about Gender Pay Gap Reporting with MakoData.


The MakoData solution is based on your existing HR and Pay data, and is built to support all aspects of Gender Pay Gap reporting. We will support you fully with configuration, production of the required outputs, and ongoing changes that may be required based on changes in your organisation or person data.


Please let us know if you would like to see the MakoData Gender Pay Gap solution in action, and we will arrange a time to show you the solution and answer any questions you may have.


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Download the MakoData Gender Pay Gap eBook for more information.

MakoData Gender Pay Gap eBook

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