CoreHR Launch MakoData Partnership at CoreHorizon

CoreHR Launch MakoData Partnership at CoreHorizon

MakoData were proud to be a main sponsor at the CoreHorizon event held in the Croke Park event centre in Dublin, Ireland.


At MakoData we provide an ‘out of the box’ HR Analytics solution that sits on top of the CoreHR suite and is complimentary to CoreHR.


We focus on data visualisation, analytics and management dashboarding of data from all modules of the CoreHR suite, be that HR, Payroll, Time, Roster, Talent, Learning, Pension etc.
We talk a lot about getting people off the ground, to rise above the trees and be able to look down at their HR data, see trends in the data, visualise and understand the data like never before, and then deep dive into the data.


Our solution is turn-key, meaning we don’t come with a heavy implementation effort. We have your organisation live in a few short weeks. But it’s also customisable, which means that our customers can build in their own ways of viewing their organisation.


How can we do this? We have been working with CoreHR data for over 20 years, so we know CoreHR data. We know how all the CoreHR modules interact and know what HR professionals require from their HR data. This means that we can deliver the complex as standard, for example, by producing all of the key HR metrics that an organisation needs, like lost time rates, turnover, headcount trend, retirement projections, payroll budgeting and so on. All of these metrics are prebuilt in the MakoData layer.


One of the key elements of this is the ability to include external data sets. These are data sets that do not reside in the CoreHR system, but the organisation wants to be able to analyse sitting next to the CoreHR information. Allowing our customers to analyse external data sets next to their CoreHR data means that they can close the loop on the HR data circle.


Our solution is built using one of the world’s leading analytics tools, Tableau. Tableau is rated the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to data visualisation. This means that our Customers can produce compelling visual dashboards and stories from large HR data sets and interact with that data in a way that really puts HR data at the forefront of driving value in the organisation.


It’s super-fast too which is important because when you get the answer to the first question quickly, you are encouraged to ‘Ask the Next Question’ and the ‘Next Question’. This is essentially what Data Discovery is all about.


All of us here at MakoData are very excited to be launching a partnership like this with CoreHR. We know that CoreHR are going from strength to strength and we are delighted to be part of that. CoreHR is now known as AccessPeople.

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