Where are you at with your HR Data?

Where are you at with your HR Data?

Analyse your HR Data with MakoData


One struggle organisations have is with their HR Data. Most organisations today have recognised the importance of simple, robust and repeatable HR processes and the HR systems needed to capture and support them. As one of the biggest costs to a business, people are also the singularly most important asset a business possesses. Payroll and HR systems serve to capture all of the critical people data that an organisation needs to succeed.


People must be paid accurately and on time. Employee records must be captured and maintained. Expenses must be recouped. Staff must be recruited, onboarded, trained, motivated, promoted and retained. Regulatory and compliance requirements must be fulfilled. The data capture requirements from Hire to Retire are vast, as are the processes that underpin them. Most organisations have succeeded in implementing solutions that help to automate their HR processes and associated data capture. They have typically done this at great expense.


However, what many organisations have failed to do is use their HR process and data to generate real meaningful business value through the creation of HR insights based on data discovery. Process and data capture become all-consuming. Curiosity and discovery get left behind.


Very few organisations can truly say that they use their data in a strategic way. Focusing on value generation in the business through a real understanding of what their people data is telling them. This is not down to a lack of desire on the part of HR professionals. It is invariably due to the unavailability of the appropriate tools, techniques or HR systems to promote data discovery.


This typically leads to one of 3 scenarios for organisations:

  1. HR data discovery and insight is virtually non-existent. Data serves only to support process and compliance. Data systems and processes are not viewed as strategic, and the data relating to the most valuable business asset remains untapped and unexplored.
  2.  Some data discovery happens, but it is based on time-consuming, expensive and often error-prone manual effort. Data extracts feed spreadsheets collated by Excel gurus using macros and complex functions. Every request for insight takes too long. Questions come at speed and the answers come too late. HR insight is too slow and complex to produce. Business leaders remain frustrated. HR struggles to be strategic as it cannot provide answers at the speed of business.
  3. An organisation invests heavily in technology and tools that they hope will deliver HR data discovery. The result is often expensive and risk-laden technology projects that take months or years to deliver results. Often these projects fail to grasp the importance of understanding the underlying data set, processes, timings etc. This can result in solutions that are inflexible and fail to properly engage with the business user’s real needs. Significant investment delivers underwhelming improvements and value for money.


How MakoData can help with your HR Data.

At MakoData we have developed a solution that addresses these issues. The MakoData solution is designed to accelerate your journey to HR analytics success. We have addressed the challenges of speed, complexity and cost.


We put stunning HR visualisations and actionable insights in the hands of business users, providing intuitive self-service analytics capabilities that promote and support data discovery in your HR organisation. Our solution is plug-and-play, getting you up and running fast without the need for time consuming or expensive implementation efforts.


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