University College Dublin Case Study

Read how University College Dublin used MakoData to successfully unleash the power of their HR data!

Key Points

One Technology For All Reporting 

The University has migrated from multiple reporting tools to one world-class reporting tool for all of their HR and Payroll needs. This means that only one skill set is needed and one technology is required to meet operational, tactical and strategic reporting needs.

Strategic Insights

Powerful HR metrics and dashboards have been delivered to HR and Payroll, allowing HR data to influence and drive the University’s resource planning and other strategic initiatives.

Ongoing Service

As well as now being self-sufficient in their ability to meet the ongoing demands of HR and Payroll data, the University also now has the excellent MakoData Support team available to help with these ongoing data demands, and with any strategic or complex HR/Payroll reporting items.

  • Name

    University College Dublin

  • Size

    3,500 +

  • Industry

    Higher Education

  • Location

    Dublin, Ireland



University College Dublin is a public research university in Dublin, Ireland, and a member institution of the National University of Ireland. With over 33,000 students, it is Ireland’s largest university, and amongst the most prestigious universities in the country.





University College Dublin wanted one solution to cater for all of their HR and Payroll data needs. They previously relied on multiple legacy and bespoke tools to meet their operational HR and Payroll needs, and there was a very heavy reliance on a small number of internal resources to manage and maintain these solutions.  The production of management information for HR was manual and resource-intensive and did not offer a full end-to-end data experience to the key users.


University College Dublin chose MakoData to be their HR & Payroll Analytics provider in 2020. Since then both organisations have worked together to meet all of UCD’s operational, strategic and deep-need requirements. MakoData is underpinned by the world-leading Tableau Analytics platform, which UCD have now rolled out across the University as their strategic reporting and analytics solution.


Beginning in November 2020 MakoData began by providing the team at UCD with the standard suite of HR and Payroll metrics, management analytics and operational reports, allowing the team to begin discovering their data in a whole new way.


One key area of interest for the team at UCD was the MakoData HR and Recruitment (Resourcing) Subject Areas. The new visual capabilities allowed for users to see their HR and Recruitment data like never before, unearthing new insights for every step of the Resourcing process.



“The MakoData solution has completely transformed the way we view and use our HR and Payroll data. Not only did we get to see and understand our data like never before, we also got automated reporting and analytics which has made the whole process much easier. It has been a huge win for HR at University College Dublin.” Paul O’Sullivan, HRIS Senior Analyst, UCD



Legacy Report Migration


In addition to the quick wins delivered by the standard suite of HR and Payroll dashboards and analytics, the teams began working closely on the migration of reports from the multiple toolsets in use.


Following on from a detailed analysis of the existing estate of legacy reports and a wish list of new reports, the project was structured into a series of agile sprints to ensure a successful migration of over 300 reports.


As part of the migration, additional improvements were made to their reports to maximise the value of the project and ongoing usage.


After a successful project and implementation, the team at UCD were provided with a state-of-the-art reporting and analytics solution that will cater for all of their reporting and data needs into the future.


“Moving to such a fantastic solution has given us the peace of mind to know our reporting is in safe hands. We will always have someone there to support us with any queries we may have. And having such modern technology means we know any changes or new reports we might need can be done in minutes. We are no longer waiting on the data; we are leading the charge and reporting across the whole University.”  Aoife MacGabhann HR Operations & Systems Manager





Early success was achieved thanks to a well aligned sprint process and impeccable work from both teams. In a few short months the team at UCD enthusiastically expanded their knowledge of the solution and their data. With all reports migrated and training completed there were many significant wins for the University.


MakoData delivered a comprehensive set of Recruitment (Resourcing) reports to service requirements set out by the Resourcing team. These reports allow the team to report on the competitions at each stage of the application process, open competitions by assignee, time to fill competitions and much more, giving huge insight into Recruitment and Resourcing across each department and the organisation as a whole. Reports were also created that merged data from their HR system with external SLA data in order to monitor the adherence of their resourcing processes to the various SLA KPIs.


Aside from progressing along the analytics journey, the MakoData outputs used by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion unit for HR and Recruitment has meant they can easily analyse employees and potential candidates across the nine protected grounds. Ensuring recruitment and resourcing is always in line with Equality legislation.


Accurate and timely payroll reporting is of critical importance to all organisations. With MakoData the University has completely revamped their payroll control and validation reporting, with outputs supporting data checking, exceptions checking, period variance reporting, year-end and legislative pension returns to name just a few. This has seen a reduction in the amount of manual effort and time involved in the payroll validation process.



Looking to the future


Since the successful implementation and migration, UCD have also implemented the MakoData Gender Pay Gap solution. With reporting to begin in 2022, UCD are now able to see and understand their Gender Pay Gap data as well as meeting all reporting requirements. The team at UCD can meet all of their legislative returns, now and into the future.


Here at MakoData, we look forward to continuing to work with the amazing team at University College Dublin and supporting them with any requirements they may have.





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