Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Case Study

Read how Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland used MakoData to successfully unleash the power of their HR data!

Key Points

Mandatory Reporting Needs

All mandatory reporting requirements, including gender pay gap reporting, are now easily fulfilled for RCSI, thanks to the data being on hand when they need it.

Time Saving & Efficiency

Manual effort involved in gathering and manipulating data has been replaced with intuitive automation and a modern reporting and analytics tool.

Support Services

Following comprehensive training, RCSI have began using MakoData to it’s full potential knowing the Support team are always available with any data query they may have.

  • Name

    Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

  • Size

    1,200 +

  • Industry

    Higher Education

  • Location

    Dublin, Ireland



Huge congratulations to Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, who are enjoying continued success on their HR & Payroll Analytics journey with MakoData.


Since becoming part of the MakoData community in 2021, the team at RCSI have realised significant benefits from the MakoData solution and have unlocked new and exciting insights from their people data.




RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences is an international not-for-profit university, headquartered in Dublin. It is among the top 250 universities worldwide in the World University Rankings (2020) and its research is ranked first in Ireland for citations. RCSI has been awarded Athena Swan Bronze accreditation for positive gender practice in higher education. Founded as the national training body for surgery in Ireland, RCSI has been at the forefront of healthcare education since its establishment in 1784.


RCSI is more than just a third-level institution. They are home to students, educators, clinicians, researchers and policy leaders in a range of healthcare disciplines.





RCSI wanted to really start making the most of how they use their HR data. Having seen the capabilities of the MakoData solution and knowing it also came with extensive industry expertise and the ability to rapidly deliver customised outputs on demand, it was clear that this would be the solution to take their reporting and analytics to new heights.


RCSI implemented the MakoData HR and Payroll Analytics solution, along with a report migration to bring their reports from the end-of-life Oracle Discoverer platform to the modern MakoData solution based on Tableau.


Standard Outputs


The project began with delivering the standard suite of MakoData HR and Payroll reports and analytics. This included delivering key operational outputs to support critical HR and payroll processes along with visual outputs such as interactive dashboards and analytics.


What was of critical importance for the team at RCSI was the ability to quickly and easily create bespoke outputs to meet the ever-growing demand for HR data outputs. MakoData has provided the team with the ability to do just that, not only delivering significant time savings but also allowing the team to successfully deliver on data demands that previously weren’t possible.


The ability to present data in a more visual and interactive way has also been a huge win, revealing trends and insights in the data that would otherwise be unachievable.



“After seeing our Recruitment data presented in such a visual and meaningful way on our new dashboards, we got very excited about the possibilities. It became clear to us that we now had a solution that would allow us to deliver real and meaningful benefits from our data, and we’re excited to be on that journey.


MakoData has completely transformed the way we see and now interact with the data. It has been a complete game changer for us.”  Alma Brennan, Organisation Change



Report Migration


Following an analysis of the estate of legacy Oracle Discoverer reports, it became clear that many of the reporting needs had been met thanks to the out-of-the-box MakoData solution. The few reports that needed to be migrated were improved to utilise the powerful capabilities of the new solution.


After receiving training, the team at RCSI began to explore their own data, all the while being fully supported by the MakoData team.



The introduction of MakoData has provided RCSI with a number of significant wins. From time savings to new insights and customised outputs, the team has never been so connected with their HR and Payroll data.


The team no longer need to spend time piecing together data in Excel or manually creating calculations to present the data in a way that matches their needs.


Where once the payroll budgeting process would have resulted in hours and hours combining Excel data dumps and manipulating calculations, it is now delivered through a single report that runs in seconds and delivers all the data needed without any manual effort or intervention. Not only does this result in a significant time saving, it also ensures complete accuracy and provides the tools to deep-dive into the resulting budget outputs to better understand what the data is saying and how it can be used to inform better decision making.


Headcount and turnover reporting has never been easier, allowing the team to quickly identify areas of concern and drill down to understand the “why?” and “where?”.



“Before we implemented MakoData we were spending a significant amount of time on manual tasks like merging data in Excel and creating calculations to make sense of the results. This gave us little time or capability to focus on what the data was actually telling us.


MakoData allows us to do that quickly and easily.It has changed how we work on a day-to-day basis. We are now seeing improvements we just didn’t think were possible. ” Michael Lee, Senior Financial Accountant




Since the successful implementation and project, new regulations have been announced requiring organisations with over 250 employees to publish information on their Gender Pay Gap. RCSI were one of the first to sign up to the MakoData solution to meet all legislative returns. This ensures the team at RCSI can meet their legislative returns for 2022 and beyond.

We look forward to continuing to work with the amazing team at RCSI into the future and supporting them along their HR & Payroll analytics journey.




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