Department of Defence Migrate to MakoData.

Department of Defence Migrate to MakoData.

Huge congratulations to the Department of Defence who have just completed the migration of their legacy reports from Oracle Discoverer to MakoData, powered by the Tableau Analytics platform.


The teams from MakoData and the Department of Defence have worked closely over the last few months to ensure all necessary reports were migrated from the now end-of-life Oracle Discoverer to the modern MakoData solution. Following on from a detailed analysis of the existing estate of legacy reports, the project was structured into a series of agile sprints to ensure success. As part of the migration, additional improvements were made to the reports to maximise the value of the project and ongoing usage.



After a successful project and implementation, the team at the Department of Defence now have a world-class reporting and analytics solution that will cater for all of their reporting and data needs into the future.
We were thrilled to work in partnership with the Department of Defence and look forward to continuing this successful relationship into the future.



“Working with MakoData has made our critical report migration as seamless as possible. The approach and flexibility of the project approach meant that we were set up for success and allowed us sufficient time to focus on the outputs and adapt to the new system. Following on from a successful project, we now have one reporting tool that will meet our operational, complex and strategic reporting needs. We would highly recommend the MakoData solution and service. Their solution really is world class”.
Bernie Moran, Department of Defence

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